Clarity Medical Systems

Clarity is the maker of RetCam, a device that screens premature infants for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). The core product uses a camera and screen to take digital images of the eye to be reviewed by physicians. Images can be shared via email and the web, with to specialists anywhere. You would think this would be an obvious solution…until you find out that many doctors still use lens magnification and then draw the abnormalities they see on paper. RetCam’s technology helps to save the sight of many, many infants.




Over the years of working with Clarity we've had the chance to see the company grow and evolve. In 2013, we began a rebranding effort to refresh the companies look and feel leading up to the launch of a new product, HOLOS.

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    Clarity's new product for eye examinations in adults
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    Clarity's comprehensive eye care program
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    Clarity's quarterly e-newsletter
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Clarity's UNEED program was promoted to pediatric physicians and hospitals world-wide. We were tasked with creating branding that allowed for localization.


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